Martial Arts Team Sport


 It is a revolutionary concept combining Martial Arts skills along with Free Running and Gymnastics into a unique new TEAM SPORT.  

Over the last 15 years traditional martial arts schools have felt the decline in membership due in part to the popularity of M.M.A. While many have added Brazilian Jui-jujitsu and M.M.A. to their programs in order to survive in a tough market they have done like the rest of us and forgotten about the other 98% of people who want to learn martial arts and have fun. 

I think we would all agree that for the most part only about 2% of the population are athletes and are interested in getting into the cage. So what about the other 98%, mothers, kids those that don't want to learn to hurt somebody? 

While a lot of people have come to realize that not everything you learn in some traditional martial arts schools are effective in a real combat situation and have become discouraged because they are only left with rough cage fighting training or just forgetting about martial arts all together.

This is where Team Sport comes in!     

There has never been a truly team sport in martial arts. Yes, there were team competitions where each fighter would fight and their scores would be added to the teams totals etc. In TEAM SPORT the fighters are all in the fight at the same time trying to score.

Just like other team sports like basketball, football each member is contributing to the creation of a score.  And just like these other sports it doesn't matter the age, sex or physical ability you can still play and have fun.



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